Thursday, September 18, 2008

20082008: Friends II

JJ & Maro

15082008: Steamboat (715)

We are having a steamboat... morning have a prayer for mid 7th lunar month.

Between, I saw neighbourhood house got Prosperity Flower..

14082008: My friend

My friend which I know her about 10 years ago. That time, she still in secondary school. Time flies...

The Tao Inspiration - eSsence of Wisdom

Ugliness arises
When everybody knows what is beautiful
Evil emerges
When all recognises what is good.
Thus, being and nothingness create each other.
Difficulty and ease depend on each other.
Long and short are relative.
High and low mutually inclusive.
Sound and voice are harmoniuos.
Front and back follow each other.
Thus the sage acts effortlessly,
And teaches not by words.
The myriad things rise and fall unobstructed.
The world is created but not possessed,
Deeds are performed yet not for pretension.
This is accomplishing without pretension.
Because of such non-pretension,
The accomplishments will never be removed.