Monday, April 30, 2007

Lie not to me and not to you

We live to seek harmony. But when one able to recognise truth, there must a lie exist in the first place for us to identify these 2 entity's. Do you make your hobby to create story and lie? No one knew how hurt oneself being cheated unless you gone through it. Lie for the great good for some one or for sake of purpose just to lie doesn't shape you a better person. Being happy lie someone surrounding you and especially your love one, you won't regret neither you hurt till one day you're in their shoes.
Lie with intentions, hiding the true and any others motive, lie it just a lie. When one discovered being cheated, how much hurt deep in the heart, no one know.
Please stop this behaviour whether for any reasons, even animal some how could understand own order, try to change yourself and think for your love one.
If you can't accept others do the same to you, then we shall not do the same to them

Friday, April 27, 2007

Try to be professional~

Guess where frustration came from? This people trying to be professional but sometime only think what it should, how it should be BUT never try to understand the FACT of the REALITY.

Where got such thing? You want to do it in anyway you like but please take care of others peoples feeling and right to policies to move. Not because you're head of the FISH you lead for everything. Please la... if head turn to wrong door the shark.. you will be finish~

Plan la of what you embaressed to your team and yourself. Write down what you wanted to do and bring into discussion. Not at the meeting you tell everyone this is should be the way. I still find sometime he totally GUESS and ASSUME to protect so called a professionalism. GUESS and ASSUME cost dollars and incur RISK. Looks like so many training seem uneffective for him to move the right track. How ar? This peoples hard to educated already, they have been there too long without moving. Like crab teaching his son and daughter to walk STRAIGHT.

Don't they?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Love or Responsibilities?

Love or Responsibilities?

Read carefully love and responsibilities. No.. it's love OR responsibilities.
When someone in love for too long with unstable relationship, yet broke off several times but end up re-attached back. After together, still non-stop with arguing, fighting, affair and etc... mess up your own life. We indeed human being, sometimes falling in between love or responsibilies and non-judgemental enough to know exactly what we want. Don't you?

Are we lost? or Are we hate? Of course many factors to be considered. With messy relationships, when toegther everytimes, some of them only think to how to give best answer to leave. At a point when the other choose to leave, you're crying out at home alone helplessly pray he/she will return. So much in our heart, as messy as in living physical environment. Caused we can't let go the relationships built by time and simply let it melt by a word. All because we have love, we have hate, we jealously enough, greed of more, give more than return, etc. if you continue to have such a feeling, whatever relationship you have currently or going to, would not workout pretty good.

Put aside everything, and focus of what you want? we can never change others but change could begin from ourself. If we bring out everything to discuss, let to have mutual understanding between both of you and let it go of all your hate, jealousy and other negative thought, you will find yourself happy day to day. Don;t make an assupmtion and conclusion always that he/she is wrong and you always right. Don't ever make comparison between your partner with another or you will go your living all the way down with this comparison and get you never satisfied.

IF you think can't be together then leave it and if you still love it, then move on with your love. Seperate your love and responsibilies. With someone that you no longer love, you will suffer more deeper in your heart than you know your reality. But attempt to your situation.

With some one that you responsibility at; is same as you workout empty love alone. Between light or dark, day or night, all is in your hand.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Triangle Love Relationship?

Triangle relationship not common terms today, in fact we heard it from the past through our freinds, parent, movie or gossips. What we heard normally is A love B at the same time C. But today, I'm going to shared a new one concept. A love B and C but B and C also love each other's.

Complicated, right!

I have heard and saw it by myself not one case, but many pair of this relationship. My God...

This is not a good chance to have such relationship. It brings you more disaster in your life than you could expected in happiness. Have you ever think that this relationship could tolerate with each others? how about jealousy came in between of your relationship progress? how much love you could divide? there is no ruler to measure the length of love neither you could tell from your heart you can love both equally at the same time. If you feel so, what your partner measurement? is he get same as what you thought? what if no?

There is where problems starts. What happen next? starting arguing for not fair, when come to the situation both want different things at the same time, buy 2? can buy 2 different colours of T-shirt? how buy 2 brand of washing machines? or buy 2 different movie tickets? where are you going with?

Do you think i always think negative? or make this blog look complicated? Try if you could share a comment of different results?

You feel upset and pity when this situation happened to your freinds. Late night already. time to sleep. Continue next topic.