Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Story times from Borneo..

One of my freind daughther name Children(annonymous) went Cameron Highlands with his friend name NoNameMee (annonymous) and family from Borneo. Not sure where this news from. But what I knew is not the case. NoNameMee friend name Lion, introduce NoNameMee to Lion freind name Mr.Rich. Before I go further, let me clarify the actors/actress.

Children = is my freind daughther
NoNameMee = is Children friend
Lion = NoNameMee Friend
Mr.Rich = Lion admirer

NoNameMee, Lion, Mr.Rich from Borneo

NoNameMee is well known as super triple self-fish and $$ minded. NoNameMee now knowing that Mr.Rich got $$, he intended to stick with him like a elephant glue.. also indirectly cut queue with Lion admirer..Bad hor..

Then during the trip in cameron, NoNameMee keep on left Children behind. But in fact Children deserved it.

Note: Story aboved is created purposes. If you found anyone has similar case as above, it is just co-incident only.

Forgive yourself?

Live a life in the fake and in a world of drama. Aren't that was too boring? One may not knowing who win the Oscar Award. Do one satisfy enough in drama world? Please understand we are living person unless that your career where exceptional given.

Why one to put so hard in own life by knowing the fact and pretended for not knowing it? Ignorance? Satisfication? love? enjoyment? But I'm only know this life full of unhappy events, bring you down further. Any motivation will never bring up or supercede your own mind. Just forgive yourself and forget unnecessary. Life is still carry on if one unable to let go thing suppose to forget.

I'm not at the position to control or influence, but onw should do best to your own life. Love on exists from others when it always started inside you.


Some one thought we are reflection of the mirror, we got what we done. Broken mirror unlikely to reflect single/similar image, rather depending on the pieces you have it broken. Life not as what we thought. It do not produce similar angle of reflection if we to see carefully.

That's what had happened to some one who once a victory, but today is history because another meaningful events happened in the past and took over by so call 'defeated' effect of himself.

History of the past never had happened again, but history can only repeat at different path throughout the time, peoples, environment, technology and so called present availability and capabilities. Is like a drop of water past through the river, continue to flow but the same drop of water will never past to you again... yet other water continue to flow through u.

If one never realise how to make a better repeat history, the consequences will be hard and broken innerself that bring you further dillemma.

When at high rise, never forget that you climb from ground. Sky has no limit but building do.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Life Path..

Do you think life path important? No ship sail in ocean without knowing the destination. Our life make same effect, world either square or rounded, all is in your mind.

Peoples around us will change as time past. They forget the past because it not written down to recall how they gone through their past. Being human, not to be sell-fish. Taking of other peoples valuable and redeem for a recognition. This peoples will success at lowest class profile because one do not acquire righteous while climbing the corporate ladder. One will lost support from surrounding, and inviting more hidden enemies into life including oneself.

Holes are every where, we learn to jump and recognise the similarity of way we doing our job. Not all holes can be identified with our common eyes, one steps miss, one know where you're.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Journey of thousand miles begin with 1st step, but must in right direction.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm coming back

I miss penang so much... I will coming back tomorrow and should reach at evening time.

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm KL

It has been such a long time I didn't manage my blog. Well, all excuses i useless and seem to practically same like others may think of.

A month ago, I'm busy packing up my stuff's as I resigned. Once, after i resigned, i have been attending many training whether my freinds call it as product training or whatever it is, 'I don;t care' but I've sometimes new which really very useful in my daily life. Knowledge is powerful if only we know how to control and make use of it.

I'm currently lived in KL but i will back to penang often as of my initial plan and target. I'm in the office Damansara now..