Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dr.Seager Products

Cleanser 1, Toner 2, Skin Light 3, Renewal Complex 4, Sunscreen 5

For acne cases or black head used Pimple Clear Serum 8

Expensive? First set used until June 2007 ~ Jan 2008 for (1), (2)
(3) (4) (5) (8) still not finish until today...

Too many peoples and freinds ask..so i post it.

Contact me if you want more information...

June 2007 vs Jan 2008

June 2007 vs Nov 2007

Chinese New Year stage at The Curve 2008

Lemon Birthday - Yuen Steamboat Buffet - Sunway

Lemon Happy Birthday ~

Monday, January 21, 2008

NiuZeXui - NZX (Kelana Jaya)

NiuZeXui at Kelana Jaya - is new place to go... quite similar to New World Park but this one much bigger... alot of shops and stalls too.

With Tracy

With my freind from Penang went to makan...she damn hungry...is a MISS... eat damn fast... Pity her...too hungry i guess.

Chinese New Year - Blossom and Plant

More to come....

4th Jan 2008 - Back to Penang

I'm back again! Like what my freinds said, I went KL I saw you, I have dinner in Penang...also see you... are you divided into 2? No la...i came back for my freind wedding dinner ma.

I back by Nice and came back from Penang by Aeroline bus.

Changing Blog Template and Chinese New Year at One Utama

Chinese New Year coming soon, so I'm changed it according to the festival...

Dec 31st 2007 First day of work after long holiday

First day of work after a long holiday. We have alot of activities, including gift exchange and alot of things to eat...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

30th Dec 2007 Petaling Street, Pavillion and The Curve

Today's we went to have our 1st breakfast about 4pm and then we proceed with our daily activities. We went to Petaling Street (Chi Cheong Kai)... Miss JoJo busy looking for precious things for our usage companied by Meow Meow. While I walked myself across the street. Spent about 2~3 hours there. Then we drived to Pavilion, that another habit Jojo have...with less than 100 metres walking distance from car park, she starting spent few hundreds. Same goes to Petaling Street just now.

Then, not much walk as most of thing Miss Jojo used her Power Jojo eyes 'see all at once glance'. Then I brought Meow and Jojo to Bintang Walk....cat walk to Lot 10 (meow never came here b4)... same behavior, less than 50 metres from entrance, spend again... then Lot 10 closed shop and we walk to Jalan Alor for dinner.

Ohhh my goodness.....I don't feel my legs anymore.. damn tired.. but they came here to spend like revenge of what they earn~.. keke

Jojo bought me a rooster wood puzzle.. we all spend again~! we all bought some IQ and family game..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

28 Dec 2007 - Reached Damansara

I drove back from Penang on 28th Dec 2008 about 1:00pm. Back for almost a week and felt reluctant to go back to Damansara, despite I have missed D'sara when I in Penang.. but whenever back from Penang to PJ...it make me feel so heavy to move. After all, still miss Penang but I get to used in PJ very fast. Proven I'm dynamic and ability to transform into different environment.

I reached Damansara about 4:20PM and moved my stuff to house. Unpack some of things and clear my room. Then I take a bath and without resting, I go and meet Miss JoJo and Meow. We went to izzi Restaurant at Damansara Uptown. We eat more rm100 in single bill and get 50% off. I'm recommend the right choice of food and yet not expensive.. Miss Jojo said.... very delicious and yet damn cheap.. So Jojo, don't praise anything cheap, just enjoy it before price increase OoHhhhhhh. not sure Jojo got take a photo bo?

Then we walk to HSBC bank to withdraw $$. After that, we went to Kent house so called a mini gathering. Mana tahu...when we reached... nearly 30 peoples in a house. This called small gathering? I wonder if he mentioned medium would be mini X 2 while big = mini x 3? hehehe....

We playing games, cards, rummy, mahjong..... and as time past, less and less people till last is Meow, Jojo and myself back at about 4:30am when we waiting Kent fetch his sister's from station. Jojo is working to download her email and at the same time introduce her dancing marketing technique... Why she not promoting her bracelet, pendant, earing....etc? All of you should buy from her....hand made...at least 1. hehe...

Then on our way back to Mutiara/Kota Damansara, Jojo hungry and wanted to eat something... So she suggested Burger King (Penang don't have..) but then we change to Mc Donald's. First time ever in McDonald's programme of morning breakfast, I have my first time breakfast McDonald at 4am plus...my GOD. We chit chat there until 6AM. Then we went back home and ZzZZZzzzzzzz

Karaoke @ Oriental

Steve's going back to KL soon after photo session...