Saturday, August 14, 2010


Like flotsam tossed by ocean waves, there are many who moved from master to master, school to school. They are often disappointed people, finding out that they had learnt only a portion, usually too little after paying so much money. They would be like moths drawn to the flame. They would join those who wonder cynically if there is any substance at all in the diverse schools of Feng Shui and astrology.

In a sense, they were searching desperately for a master the legends tell about, and they want to be the legendary pupil who transmits the sacred lore of the master. Is there such a master? Or, do the Yang Yun Sungs, Lai Bu Yis, Jiang Da Hongs, Chen Xi Yis all possessed reputations which may be fables afterall?

We should look at the caliber of their ancient arts and ask ourselves whether the modern Feng Shui and astrology measure up to the ancient legends. The ancient legends do indicate one fantastic criterion by which you can judge the modern Feng Shui and astrology.

The Kingship Key

For, the legends point to a magnificent highly potent Feng Shui and astrology which can identify and determine kingship. The ability of determine kingship is an enchanting hallmark of the lores of the Yang Yun Sungs, Lai Bu Yis, Jiang Da Hongs, Chen Xi Yis. When you examine the legends of other cultures, you will also find that their geomancy arts were regarded as of very high levels, supposed to be able to forecast and create the king. After the king, the astrologer was the next powerful person.

A Feng Shui and astrology worthy of kings! The true master will be able to use Feng Shui and astrology to determine the kingship!

But look at the current Feng Shui and astrology which seem to come nowhere near such a lofty ability. Current Feng Shui and astrology have lost all these ancient kingship secrets and are essentially ordinary. Do they deserve to take as founding masters the Yang Yun Sungs, Lai Bu Yis, Jiang Da Hongs, Chen Xi Yis?

Many thought they possess great "secrets". But if their lores cannot determine the kingship, it means that what they know may compose only a shadow of the original fantastic Feng Shui and astrology.