Monday, November 26, 2007

Look park..

Do you what I do captured all this picture? sometimes we lost in the complicated car park structure with multiple entrance... but this not always the things i do... some times...ONLY.. keke

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Here you go..

I'm not professional like Yu Ming...hehe

Feng Shui war

I do not know what happened recently, why there are so many fengshui practitioner or students joining email war in the forum... bringing issue from well known masters around the world from the East to the West... all are debating so many things..

Don't study and don't practice... every fengshui school, system or formula are catered to revealed the past, knowing the present and predict the future... each system qualify by environment and then formula..

Why so much noise... used up ur money and revealed each formula...then used it to see which one for pro/con at certain environment... it on experience...but not de theory debating time..

If it wrong, how do they did their audit in the past?

Moment at Penang (Mid Nov)

It's Friday 22/11/2007, I was so happy that i could going back tonight. I do not know how to express but I definately happy going back to restore the moment i got before.

Early in the morning, my boss send me invitation to join in conference call tonight 11pm till 12am. Though it my responsibility, and I would try to join despite they send me late. I can't promise anything that I would reach penang before 11pm to join for the call. But I have put my effort arrange the everything to ensure no interuption happen when I connecting with US.

Time about 5:30PM, some of business calling me for help. So, i help to what I can. I'm leaving office about 5.50PM and walk to Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD) because I couldn't wait for the shuttle to pick me. On my way, I got called asking what I want to eat and they will prepare for me tonight since I complaint alot about the food in KL. (Now better de, i know where to find food to to my initial departure)

Go home pick my stuff and my collegue waiting me guard house.. we went to Ikea makan and at the same time, i buy something for what my freind ordered.

I'm reached penang about 12.30AM. I try to open my notebook and connect to network and call-in, but meeting was ended. So i just got to get some update from my counterparts via messenger.

So, after finished my update with US team, food is ready out there...time to makan...lotus soup, crab, etc.

Saturday:I went to several place and I took picture for every place i stop by if I remember...
Then i go and have my brunch, then directly cut my hair...short dee.. Then straight went to my grandma house about 2~3pm till nearby 7pm. I drove back to my house (back from KL yesterday but only go back my own home..hehehe).

Collect all my letters about 40 letters waiting me to read... cannot read all so collect it and keep in my bag. Bring back KL and read. Unpack my stuff and keep it.. then I go out again...(about < 1 hrs).

Tonight I'm going to Bagan for birthday celebration...not mine~! and spend whole night there.

Sunday:Wake up at 10:30am and call miss world to return her car... then I go and have a lunch at Gurney Drive "My Pot".. <- can try out.

I goto Bus Station at 2:30 and managed to get earliest ticket to KL and wait there... It raining along the highway...and traffic jam at rawang, batang kali and sg buloh. end up reached KL pudu about 11pm.
Go Home unpack, bath, rest awhile and sleeppp..

Picture post later...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saving today for tomorrow financial relief

Is saving important to us? The answer is YES. But today, that is a big problem if I said YES, caused this not going to work for our pre-conditional brain. Today's I'm not going to talk about Feng Shui stuff, I will discuss some in other days.

We take one new graduate today's. How much that they going to earn averagely? Depending on the industry that they joined into the workforce. Ranging about RM1500 to RM2400 for mojority are temporary employees. Let's take RM2000 monthly salary and deducted with tax/socso; and left about RM1760.00.

Wow.. earn so much at first graduate, feel enough? Feel worth it for amount that you received after every month hard work? Let see how our environment going to shape us in the perspective of living and spending.

What do our common new graduate spent?
Supporting parent/siblings (RM350.00)
Handphone bill (RM100.00)
Food averagely (RM300.00)
Transportation & Parking (RM250) petrol ~ Car

Gloceries, fashion/clothes, Books, freind b'day, clubbing, ciggar, liquor, etc (RM300.00)

Left only RM300 per month. But it some how went missing day by day and month by month. You know why? What we listed above just a monthly common spending. I do not list those like car maintenance, annual road tax, car insurance, credit card payment, interest imposed, etc. This you should listed by yourself thos occured every 2 months, quarterly, bi-annually and yearly basis. That going to dedected most of your annual income.

So, now how much can you have at the end of 3 years of working? Some end-up negative or zero, how many of your surrounding still have positive at least 20K cash? As we growth from day to day, we indirectly having this unconcious habit developed throughout the years of spending. We spend more despite our increments not equal to the market growth. Inflation growth in many industries but have major impact to our least daily needs spending and top list of daily 'want' spending. Year to Year growth, are we really cope with the inflation OR are we giving up our cost cutting strategy to feed those in our priority?

If you to have additional spending to addin into monthly list, do you willing to do the same cost cutting for a sake of your future financial security? Basically, this cost cutting do not have major impact effect to your current living and it just play roles as funding to your own account during the time when you require. Don't you think it is great?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dr.Seager: Updated picture..

Perhaps, YP(ex-collegue), want to have a look on my Dr.Seager products effect on my face. I told her that my skin very sensitive in KL environment caused the air and mostly everything very dirty. Somewhat...with bless of GOD..nothing happened. I do recommend Dr.Seager products. It really work for me. some blemish of the pimples are faded and lighter..
Want to know more or to try, please email me yeah..
Want to buy also can find me...

Roads, cars, Traffic..

The road here...better than penang..but the car driver...i couldn;t understand...cannot be patient. Drive without care of others. every junctions and traffic light...they could make a U-Turn..their road..ops...our roads. Parking every where on the roadside..but there is no MPPJ and police traffic issue summons?
At the tolls, there is Touch and GO and Smarts Tag but No Top-up (tambah Nilai) counter. You wan it, go to petronas. What kind of this service???

Korean Foods...03112007

Miss World and Yen Nee asked me to learn how to go Ampang..where there have a Korean community staying somewhere surrounding that area. I found at last.. but given me sometimes to re-test the road i shall be able to go over there. May be end of this month, i will learn the road to Queens Park. I went there to buy some Korean junk food, visit the bun shop and buy ice cream..u know i like ice cream...i used to eat ice cream from Ikea too.. feel the taste better than McD.

Orchard Hotel

That Orchard Hotel room i stayed. though i used to have some room service..but always forget to take pciture..caused damn tired and hungry de.

What I do when I free..

Well, sometimes when i went out driving surrounding area to recognise a new place to go and how to turn back to home. When I drive out to some places which far away, I always tell myself that "Lost is a new discovery"..yet i really found alot of new road and also found some land mark.
I do think and miss my love one, family, friends, ex-colleagues, foods, place i always spent, person who always motivate me.

What I do after work..

Go back usually about 6pm and sometime 5:40PM. Somehow i felt tired due to conference call with US counterpart very early in the morning. But that life. After work, going back and rest for 20 minutes and then go to bath. After bath, going out looking for dinner. 1st week, always makan 1 or 2 places, but now at least know go more places to eat caused i knew more road. I can't get to used to KL foods caused it too salty..look like salt is free... and contain alot of MSG.

As time past, i would find more stalls to eat and i trust not all foods is salty. Also, my tongue now get to used to it already. No Choice..because this is what I choose to be in KL.

1 month in KL

Just update on what i have done and go through my life in KL.

I wake up everyday morning about 6:45am in the morning and prepare to out from home about 7:15AM and reached my office about 7:50AM. First day ma..what to do..scared lost in de road...somehow, i believe i won't. I got my way to office safely without any lost. Park in front of office cost me Rm24 for 8 hrs. Really super expensive..

I was introduced by my hosting manager to all the colleagues after the short orientation about 2 hrs.

second day.. i knew agak what time to come to work and where to park my car per entry per day which is just rm7.00 at PBD (Damansara Town).

wednesday till friday, my manager, one new member and US counterpart come over to MY from SG just to give my collegues and I some briefing of the system, business and bla.. So many presentations that they done, ever they wonder how we going to absorbs all in 3 days. Somehow the presentation not all are up-to-date.

Second week: continue with my online training and other necessary compliance requirements stuff and joined in some conference call.

3rd week: My manager go makan angin for 2 weeks and this week happened to have i didnt go back to home town..scare traffic jam. Just at office reading thru those material given.
4th Week: I'm at SG for whole week.

5th week: Resume with my work but somehow manager having health issue and may not come to work for 2 weeks plus.

6th week: just started..this week i will work on MON and FRI. TUE and WED go to new orientation at Hilton Hotel KL and THU Deepavali.