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Scientific Basis: why boy urinating at the "Sacred tree" got sick


People of different cultures, even of those widely separated in the world, often have similar strange tales. One of these tales is the "sacred" or "haunted" tree.

Many traditional societies warn their boys not to urinate on old trees. Or, to pray and ask the local spirit for permission before urinating. Boys are prone to roam about in the countryside, away from home. Very often a boy would feel the urge to let go water. As he could not run home in time, he would often try to find a shady place where he could stand hidden from view. Thus, the huge tree would be a favourite place to urinate on. The strange thing was that when the boy went home he could all of a sudden get sick. The boy would develop fever and become bedridden. The boy would be said to have offended the "spirit" living in the old tree. The "spirit" took revenge by harming the boy. The traditional magician, sinseh or bomoh would be called in to dispel the spirit.

Pausing for a Little Thought

This type of strange incidence occurred again and again in various cultures, irrespective of the religions. Sceptics would be most unscientific if they ignore the fact that such an incidence repeatedly occurred in many societies. There must be some real basis for the incidence.

Not knowing the scientific reason is no basis for brushing aside the fact that the phenomenon occurred. One should try to understand what possibly could have happened.

The Startling Scientific Basis

The startling plausible answer lies in that huge trees are often susceptible to strikes by lightnings.

Now, lightning is a mass of accumulated electrons caused by ionisation of water molecules in the atmosphere. For the lightning to strike the huge tree indicates that the tree had been positively charged due to accumulation of positive ions.

Lightning could, of course, try to earth by going for the tallest points. However, if the points are positively charged, they would even be more susceptible to lightning strikes.

How did the tree get the accumulated positive ions? The positive ions were generated by underground water passing through soil particles. As there are metallic ions in the soil particles the passage of the water current generated a dynamo electrifying effect and produce ionisation. Only, at times, under the appropriate conditions, positive ions accumulated. This occurred below the huge tree and the positive ions travelled into the tree which became positively charged, and hence more susceptible to lightning strikes.

Then came the boy.

The human being lives because electrons flow via his nerves. That is, the human being is flowing with electrons and is essentially negatively charged. When the boy urinated, a water passage connected the negatively charged boy to the positively charged huge tree. Electrons flowed from the boy into the tree.

When the boy got home he would get sick if the loss of electrons was significant. This was because the loss of electrons had upset his body energy balance.

There is no need to invoke a "angry spirit". It is just a perfectly natural phenomenon!

The tales link with boys as girls would be too shy to urinate in such a public place. For some reasons, adults are less prone to falling sick, probably because they have greater balance of negative ions.

Cross Junctions and Allied Places

Western geomancers are aware that the underground water current generates a weak electromagnetic field, positive ions and gamma radiation. When two underground water currents cross each other, the location is particularly susceptible to strikes by lightning.

Not only that. The Western geomancers pointed out that such locations also tended to be associated with sightings of "ghosts" and even UFOs.

What happened to the boy urinating on a huge tree could also happened anywhere where the ground has become positively charged due to underground water. Huge trees are common taboo areas. But, at times, certain locations are considered sacred, and people defiling the places could incur the wrath of the local "deities".

All these are connected with the ill-known phenomenon of underground water flows which create electromagnetic currents, especially when passing through soil particles. The phenomenon is akin to the piezoelectric effect associated with influences of high pressures on rocks with metallic especially iron particles. There are also possibilities that other non-electric particles are involved. In various ways, the radiations produced by flowing underground water have real impacts on human beings

Modern Perspectives vis Feng Shui

A great part of Feng Shui effects are due to the effects of underground waters. Not only large trees, as described above, but also certain large rocks and rock formations interact with such underground waters to produce a range of Feng Shui effects. Rocks and rock artifacts like pillars and pagodas are Feng Shui devices to modify the ill-known underground water effects. The well known Feng Shui "Water Dragon Classic" would likely be based on underground waters effects.


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